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The EMPORION imprint offers an economical platform for small press runs, print-on-demand, and e-books for lawyers, marketers, and others.


EMPORION offers authors and organizations a complete suite of subsidized publishing services, including content development, research, editing, ghostwriting, design, printing, global distribution, marketing, and publicity, for both print and eBook titles.

We’re looking to cover new territory often overlooked by traditional publishers. We were born out of a strong commitment to the industry and our desire to give readers and authors more choices.

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The Gringo's Guide to Immigration Reform

By Jacob M. Monty and Sarah D. Monty-Arnoni, Monty Ramirez LLC

Immigration reform in the United States is imminent. If the proposals on the table haven’t impacted your business yet, they will when law is passed.

Forewarned is forearmed: “To be prepared is half the victory.” The Gringo’s Guide to Immigration Reform for Employers was written to do just that—prepare employers for new requirements in compliance, documentation, and employer-employee relations.

Authors Jacob M. Monty and Sarah D. Monty-Arnoni bring years of experience as legal counsel to both employers and foreign nationals to the pages of this book.

The Gringo's Guide to Hispanics in the Workplace

By Jacob M. Monty, Esq., Monty Ramirez LLC

The Gringo’s Guide series launched with The Gringo’s Guide to Hispanics in the Workplace, written to help Jacob Monty’s clients, typically employers of large Hispanic workforces, to better understand the nuances of the Hispanic culture as it plays out in the workplace. His goal to fulfill the needs and interests of others immediately enhanced and expanded his platform, far more than he ever expected.

Author, Jacob Monty serves as managing partner of Houston-based Monty & Ramirez LLP, an employment, labor, and immigration law firm.