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Jayne Navarre Virtual Marketing Officer
Jayne Navarre, Executive VMO
Her Mission: Preparing the ground for business opportunities.

Jayne has been partnering with law firms for over 20 years, scouting opportunities and preparing the ground for business development. As a Virtual Marketing Officer, she is highly skilled at developing meaningful exposure for law firms to help them advance their brand and knowledge-base to produce viable business leads. Fluent in messaging, design, and technology, she adeptly handles the full spectrum of 21st-century marketing disciplines, including multi-channel push, inbound, and other content marketing tactics. Her exclusive focus on the legal profession is a great help to law firms seeking to define, attract, and connect with their unique marketplace target. She leads a highly qualified team of marketing talent—experienced professionals—who work diligently to identify opportunities, execute tactics, and meet client objectives. Visit her blog VirtualMarketingOfficer.com


Aleksander Spa, Developer
His Mission: Being the expert we need, when you need it most.

Alek takes our team’s vision, designs, and words, and brings them to life as online properties, working a variety of platforms and tools, to ensure functionality, speed, and security. An expert at databases, programming, and styling code, he is also our go-to problem solver and troubleshooter. He’s lightning fast and he’s good. Always there for our clients, offering prompt service and solutions. Web host problems? No problem. He’s the expert we need, when you need it most!

John Gergets, Content Specialist
His Mission: Strategic writing

John, a former attorney, is an omnivorous and voracious reader and writer who understands that the most powerful and elegant thing in the world is a well-turned phrase. He writes for people with brains. He says, “the number one way to reach customers, make money, and achieve your goals is with quality content.” Whether to educate, entertain, enlighten, or explain, John helps our clients zero in on their message, and does so with panache.

Rick Skwiot, Writer and Editor
His Mission: Giving clients the best words for each purpose.

Rick has logged over 30 years as a copywriter, journalist, feature writer, and novelist. Over the past 12 years, he has developed brand and positioning statements, tag-lines, and search friendly website copy for dozens of professional services firms. He is an accomplished editor, having editing hundreds of pages of web copy, articles, books, and features for our clients during the past eight years. A gifted story teller and interviewer, his skills are highly sought after by our clients, ably taking their words and making them into stories that people want to read. To see a full complement of his work, visit Rick Skwiot’s author site…

Jacquelyn Gibson
Her Mission: Supporting team and client objectives.

Jacquelyn supports our team, ensuring that the administration of each client engagement runs smoothly. She is adept at managing web and social media pages, as well as data entry for client databases. She is our go-to assistant for quality control and also handles the mundane tasks of uploading and adding inline styling for custom pages when needed.