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Here’s a plan you can live with, and grow: reach, execute, and reap. We are a trusted virtual partner, offering just-in-time service for marketers and law firms.

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Establishing presence and authority are the new fundamentals in marketing. We build strategy and tools that enable you to connect with clients and prospects.

It's all about the ground game

We help you cut through the clutter.  We lay the groundwork, implementing SEO, brand, content development, editing, distribution, and more.

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As our client, you receive the highest level of forethought, knowledge, and attention as we collaborate with you to meet your business marketing objectives.


Visionary and versatile

Scalable models for marketers

Large, medium, or small, the market for legal services is changing and the current business models for delivering those services are shifting. The rise of automation, online legal services, and alternative fee arrangements are a new reality. And you need to approach marketing differently, too.

When the pinch of expanding channels for gaining exposure, connecting with prospects, and creating client loyalty through personalization—huge opportunities—is squeezing in-house resources to the max, it’s time to think about outsourcing.

Whether employing one-to-many or one-to-one marketing, we facilitate your success by providing added resources, helping you with strategy and tools to guide, create, and distribute meaningful content for greater exposure.

Meet our satisfied clients...

Do not underestimate the benefits of engaging objective and timely outside marketing counsel for law firm marketing expertise. Jayne gives my firm cutting-edge advice. She consistently exceeds our expectations.

Global Managing Partner, Miami, Florida

Jayne is my go-to person when it comes to legal marketing and new technology. She gets lawyers, technology and how to bring the two together for a product that actually has weight.

Marketing Director, Los Angeles, California

Jayne is a polished professional and a tireless worker. Her marketing ideas are fresh and creative, and she’s always accessible and willing to help — even lawyers like me, who tend to procrastinate on their marketing plans.

Partner, AmLaw 200 law firm
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