No marketing tactic can compete with content that helps clients advance their business interests

Content Strategy

True or False?

The majority of the information you produce for marketing purposes must address the needs and interests of others. True. With new channels to reach your audience, clients, prospects, referral sources, and friends, providing quality content—strategic, targeted and concise—is now essential to business development programs.

Content Authority

No selling necessary. Being recognized as a trusted information source can advance relationships and keep you top-of-mind with key audiences. From planning and writing to SEO and distribution, we make your content project presence and authority. We produce content that connects you with people and opportunities.

Our Value

You may have the best content strategy and worthy objectives in place, but if distractions delay the execution, or worse, undermine its quality, you end up squandering time, money, and opportunity. A rule of thumb, especially where content is concerned: If it is taking you longer than several hours to complete, it’s best to outsource it.

Core Services


Access to experienced writers is essential for marketing professionals and lawyers. Producing timely and meaningful content is a top priority. But if it doesn’t come easy, you should consider outsourcing.

While distribution is rarely a problem, crafting content that readers want to read is a challenge. From establishing a firm-wide style guide to polishing a web bio or feature article, we supplement in-house resources. Our team of web copy specialists, journalists, and authors are multifaceted. One project requires clever brand messaging while another may be a substantive article that needs detailed treatment.

Our team members have worked with lawyers for over 20 years or are lawyers, themselves. Our individual portfolios include feature articles, annual reports, full-length business books, presentation decks, executive briefs, proposals, directory submissions, infographics, press releases, blog posts, bios, practice descriptions, video scripts, speeches, and, really, anything that involves words.

Let us help you convey your value through professional communications.


“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs is making a chore for the reader who reads.” —Dr. Seuss

Everyone needs an editor! Hiring a professional editor is a gift you give to readers. Having an editor look at your work is good for you, too. Writing well is an art. The sharp eye and experience of a keen editor can help. Many times, the content we edit is in very rough form. (We understand how little time busy professionals have to get their thoughts in writing, let alone polish it.) Other times, clients will ask us to do the first draft and hand it over to them. In either case, we develop or polish that opening paragraph that will hook readers—we find the best lead and put it up front. We write titles that work for both readers and search optimization, and we always do a thorough copy edit—dotting every i and crossing every t.

Web Copy

No matter where you (or your law firm) are found on the web, your presence should have a purpose. You should know who you want to influence—their interests, needs, and appetite for information—and the action you want them to take.

Too often, law firms will spend a ton of money on a design concept, yet treat the more important means to communicate with website visitors as an afterthought—really strong words that readers want to read. No doubt design plays a big role in content strategy, but it is just the window dressing for the main event—your words. Most marketers will agree that the majority of content on law firm websites is BORING. But it doesn’t have to be boring and still retain a professional tone. We can help you close that disconnect between boring and meaningful, professional, interesting, powerful, and effective.

We have decades of experience writing copy. We’re solid wordsmiths.

Book Publishing

Instantly convey expertise with a well-written and professionally edited, designed, and published book. A book can breathe life into your brand, shift perceptions, help you connect with clients, and increase your business. We know first hand because we’ve written, edited, or published books for lawyers and have seen their success.

EMPORION Press is the book publishing division of Jayne Navarre, Inc. It was founded shortly after Jayne published her first book through a traditional publishing model. Her commitment to the book publishing industry and a desire to give readers and authors more choices led her to establish EMPORION. She found new territory often overlooked by traditional publishers—inexperienced authors with tons of topical expertise who didn’t know where to begin. Jayne knew these authors deserved support, professional quality, and economy.

Our publishing services give authors more for less. Thanks to the option we offer for printing short runs near cost, our authors have found they can afford to distribute their book-length content to clients and prospects or offer them for sale at their speaking engagements or on their website. Our books—in print and ebook— are distributed to all booksellers via the world’s second largest distributor, Ingram Lighting Source. This is not self-publishing. We are a registered, incorporated independent publisher with all the resources and credentials necessary.

Our subsidized publishing services include book development, ghostwriting, volume editing, copy editing, proofreading, cover and interior design, ebook conversion, and publication and distribution. It’s a significant commitment to write a book, but the return on investment is priceless. We welcome your inquiry.

Selected Work