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Decades of Experience. Fresh Ideas.

Virtual Marketing

Scalable Models

When the pinch of expanding channels for gaining exposure, connecting with prospects, and creating client loyalty—huge opportunities—is squeezing in-house resources to the max, it’s time to think about outsourcing.

We facilitate your success by providing added resources for developing strategy, tools, and content. You get an experienced law firm marketing specialist who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Fractional Ownership

Here’s a plan you can live with, and grow: Reach. Execute. Reap. We become your trusted virtual partner, offering just-in-time service when you need it most. And you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Establishing presence and authority are the new fundamentals of marketing. We help you cut through the clutter and develop essential infrastructure for your marketing. We build strategy and tools that enable you to connect with clients and prospects. We lay the groundwork for implementing SEO, brand, content development and distribution, and set the stage for your business development and marketing success.

A Modern Approach

A Virtual Marketing Officer, or VMO, provides marketing expertise, flexibility, economy, and focus; we help law firms plan, execute, and grow. We take time-consuming details off your desk while controlling costs with a per-project or retainer-based fee.

An alternative to the FTE, you receive the advantage of 20-plus years of legal marketing leadership, creativity, and experience, when you need it, without a long-term commitment.

Tall, grande, or venti, we offer scalable counsel, guidance, and execution—in strategy, projects, and more—to suit your taste and your budget. We are there when you need us and we step out when you don’t.

Our Core Strengths

On-Call Project Management

Drowning in projects and temporarily short staffed, virtual marketing services are a lifesaver for large law firms that fit this description. As a full-service marketing agency, we can fill in gaps and provide senior level management experience for web copy projects that include bios, services, industries, and brand content; collateral design for infographics, white papers, and presentations; and excel in all types of writing and editing—web copy, articles, books, executive briefs, and more, including directory submissions. On call. On budget. On target.

Virtual Marketing Officer

The market for legal services is changing and the current business models for delivering those services are shifting. The rise of automation, online legal services, and alternative fee arrangements are a new reality. And maybe you should approach marketing differently, too.

If your small or mid-sized law firm practices do-it-yourself marketing, everyone is probably swamped. Or, it just doesn’t get done. Virtual marketing services are a lifeline for mid- to small plaintiff-side law firms. We offer senior-level strategy and know-how, fresh ideas, and the manpower to execute a marketing plan, elevate your exposure, and save you money in the long run. We handle virtually all channels that are important to the plaintiff-side law firm, from advertising contracts, social media, and content development to analyzing web and chat data, reach and repetition, and return on investment.

Trusted Counsel

We often serve as trusted senior counsel to managing and marketing partners and in-house managers or coordinators in mid-size, regional law firms. From directory submissions to content editing and production and from business development strategy to web and collateral design projects, we are a full-service marketing agency. For law firms with an international practice, we possess particular experience in the global marketplace.

Bottom Line

If your law firm must make a choice between being stretched too thin or hiring a full-time employee to solve a temporary challenge, from code to the written word and from strategic to creative, we can help. Growing law firms appreciate our interim leadership on a contract basis, and also value having dozens of skills within reach when needed for project-based execution without the hassle of managing multiple vendors. Seamless, experienced virtual marketing officer services.

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